New Year’s Resolution- Vanity Fair Should Just Go Away


It’s no secret- Hillary Clinton is not the President of the United States. That’s because she lost the Electoral College in 2016, which is to say she lost the Presidential Election under our rules in America. She lost to Donald Trump, her campaign made some fatal and unforgivable errors, and obviously she made some mistakes as a candidate too. There’s a flip side to that though- Hillary Clinton got about 66,000,000 votes, or about 2.9 million more than Donald Trump. She became the first woman to be nominated by either major political party for President. She beat Bernie Sanders by about 4 million votes for the nomination. She got more general election votes than any white man in American history, including the 44 white, male Presidents. Turning the former Secretary of State, U.S. Senator, and First Lady of the United States into a punch line and joke is deplorable, pardon the pun. The country would be better off if she were the President today. Despite the fact she didn’t end up in the White House, and it was one of the most bitter losses I’ve ever dealt with in campaigns, I’m proud to have worked for Hillary Clinton.

Vanity Fair lives in a different world, apparently:

Yes, the absolute worst thing in the world would be the continued involvement in politics by Hillary Clinton– the person who more Americans picked for President than anyone not named Barack Obama (ever). She should take up literally any other hobby than politics- right? God forbid she stays involved and tries to continue rallying her rather large voting block against Donald Trump, right? I mean, really, this is clear to all of these very smart, young, white writers.

I’m not for Hillary running again in 2020, I’ll say that now. It’s not because I can’t support her, it’s because I don’t think the country can get over themselves and elect a woman that is smarter than 99% of us, particularly one with a long political history like Hillary. I think she’s taken too much (unfair) damage along the pathway from the 1992 Election through today. Is there a double standard here, since I’d be fine with Al Gore or Joe Biden running? Hell yeah, there is. Hillary’s taken a beating from an ungrateful nation for her service, and I don’t think she’s as likely to beat Donald Trump in 2020 as other elder statesmen of the Democratic Party. I think the most important thing is nominating the Democrat (not you, Bernard Sanders) who can best beat Donald Trump, and then govern the country and get things done. I don’t think Hillary is in the best position to do both of those things, sadly for us. She deserved better.

As for Vanity Fair though, they can go pound sand. I’m not really interested in reading their hot-takes at this point. If anyone needs a new hobby, it’s these out-of-touch writers and their attempt at “humor.”

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