Silly Season in the UK- What Color Passport?


American politics has become a national embarrassment. Our President takes to Twitter and whips up fights over ridiculous issues like NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, issues that he shouldn’t really have time to be worrying about as President of the United States. He attacks FBI Agents and other federal employees, something that is beneath the office in which he resides. He posts videos of himself attacking “CNN” in a pro-wrestling skit, something that would be disturbing from an 8th grader. Donald Trump is a clown, and a clown that got almost 63 million votes. It can drive any sane American nuts.

If you need some relief from feeling terrible about Americans, look across the pond to our great allies, the United Kingdom. Sure, they can laugh at us for Trump, particularly while debating whether or not inviting President Obama to the upcoming Royal Wedding will trigger our “toddler-in-chief,” but their nativist crowd is triggering a new domestic politics debate of their own.

Passport colors.

You see, prior to joining the European Union, the United Kingdom had an “iconic blue” passport (as some of their folks have called it), which was replaced with a red one once they joined the EU. Thanks to their nationalists temper-tantrum known as “Brexit,” the United Kingdom is probably going to leave the EU, and return to the old blue passports. Is this a big deal? Of course not, the passports will work pretty much the same (except at EU borders, but I digress). Of course, Theresa May tried to make it a political issue:

Of course, this is a ridiculous issue. The color of a passport isn’t really emblematic of independence or national pride, it’s just a color. There’s also the fact that the EU wasn’t making the United Kingdom have any specific color. The UK could have kept their blue passports, all they had to do was say that’s what they wanted. It’s ridiculous. It’s silly. It’s Prime Minister May playing to the same hyper-nationalist faux-outrage that Donald Trump does every day. It’s sad, because she’s far more thoughtful than he is (which isn’t saying much), and should carry herself as such. Of course, it’s nice to know that we’re not alone in the world of the idiocracy.

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