Places I Want to Go, 2018 Edition


To some, it seems like I’ve been everywhere. In reality, I haven’t been to a lot of basic places that one should get to as a young adult. Yesterday, I was talking with an old friend of mine, and she told me how she was going to be in London for work, temporarily in 2018. I was very intrigued by the thought of being in London during Royal Wedding season, and just a bit jealous.

I go to New York and Philadelphia more than most other people would care to. I’m in DC quite a bit. I go to the beach a lot. I’ve lived in Iowa, twice. I get to the Carolinas every year. It seems like i’m on the road a lot, but really i’m just visiting Harrisburg, PA a lot (hey, I love you guys too). So, here is my new bucket list of places I want to see, just in time for a new year.

  1. Hong Kong, China- Perhaps the only skyline in the world that I have seen in pictures that rivaled (or possibly surpassed) New York’s is Hong Kong’s. With it’s long colonial history mixing with it’s Chinese present, it seems like the kind of cool spot that I want to see.
  2. Los Angeles, California- I want to climb to the top of the Hollywood sign. I want to go see a ballgame at Dodgers Stadium. I want to hit the nearby beaches. I know all the horror stories, I realize it might fall short of my hopes, but I want to go to Red Hot Chili Peppers land.
  3. Rome, Italy- Yes, I’ve heard the bad stories here too, but the history though. Rome was once the capitol of the civilized world. I want to go see the ruins, visit the Vatican, and eat the food. Mostly, eat the food.
  4. Austin, Texas- Virtually everyone who goes to Austin loves it. I want to go check it out. The mix of urban liberal/state capitol/major college town seems like a recipe for all kinds of fun bad behavior. Sounds great to me.
  5. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic- I’ve got a number of Dominican friends, and all I hear about is how I need to visit the Dominican Republic. I don’t want to limit myself to just Santo Domingo, but I suppose that’s a great place to start.
  6. Jerusalem, Israel- This is not happening right now, in no small part because our President has made it less appealing to go there, and also because of the current Likud Government in Israel. With that said, Jerusalem is a high holy city for three religions of the world, which fascinates me. I would like to go see the sites and experience this city.
  7. Athens, Greece- Democracy really took hold in Ancient Greece, and Athens was among the greatest early spots for it. Obviously the ancient ruins are worth the trip, as is the relative cheapness of it right now.
  8. San Francisco, California- I’ve never been to California, let alone the Bay, but I’d like to. San Francisco is probably too liberal for me, but why not go try it? Also, I want to catch a Giants game (and maybe an A’s game if I can).
  9. Nashville, Tennessee- As a music fan, I feel like this is a trip I need to make. Am I a die-hard country fan? No. I’m certainly an Elvis fan though, and the amount of music history made in Nashville is well worth the trip.
  10. Moscow, Russia- Like Jerusalem, I’m not risking my life to make this trip right now, but it’s on the lifetime list. I’d like to visit the Kremlin before I die. I’d also like to drink some vodka with the locals there. Oh, and catch a hockey game in the KHL.
  11. Tehran, Iran- There’s no way that I’ll be seeing Tehran, Iran in the near term. I want to see Tehran though. Persian culture is among the oldest and most advanced in the world. Tehran is the capitol, and what I have been able to see of it online is spectacular. I want to see it, and get a deeper appreciation for the people there.
  12. Las Vegas, Nevada- I’ve never been to Vegas. I feel like I have to see Vegas. It’s not crazy expensive to fly out there and get a room. I really want to be out there for a major fight night sometime.
  13. Berlin, Germany- I have quite a bit of German blood in me, and Berlin holds a strong historical significance in our world. I want to see the wall and see the history of that city. Hopefully I can do this soon.
  14. Udol, Slovakia- Where? Exactly. Udol is my ancestral village in Eastern Slovakia, the home my great-grandparents left to come here. I still have distant relatives there. I want to go see it.
  15. Seattle, Washington- You might as well add Tacoma and Vancouver, BC in with this. I want to see Safeco Field. I want to do the fish market. I want to check out the music scene that helped birth 90’s grunge. There’s just so much to see here.
  16. Tokyo, Japan- Yes, I love sushi, so bring it on. I love baseball too, so let’s see that. Tokyo has the bright lights, and that attracts me.
  17. Istanbul, Turkey- I don’t think this is a trip I’ll make very soon, given the political situation there, but Istanbul has a reputation as a beautiful city. As a Byzantine Catholic, I also want to see the “Constantinople” history of the city.
  18. Cancun, Mexico- Look at those beaches. Yes, those beaches. I want to see those.
  19. San Diego, California- My grandfather, Richard Wilkins Sr., called this the most beautiful place the U.S. Navy took him. As the third Richard Wilkins, I feel like it’s only right for me to see if that’s the case.
  20. New Orleans, Louisiana- I’ve never been to Mardi Gras. I’ve never been to New Orleans. I love Cajun food. I must go to New Orleans.
  21. Paris, France- I feel like this is obligatory, right? It’s also one of the oldest, greatest capitols in Europe. I should go see it.
  22. Glasgow, Scotland- I hear it’s a fun, fun town. I need to see it while i’m still young enough to enjoy the late-night life.
  23. Montreal, Canada- I’m cheating a little bit including this, because I went there when I was like four, but I don’t remember it. It’s not stupid far, they speak French, it’s foreign-ish, and I hear great reviews. I need to see it.
  24. Yellowstone National Park- I’ve always wanted to see the glaciers. And the bears. It’s a national treasure, so why not both?
  25. Havana, Cuba- This won’t happen until Trump is out of office, because he’s blocked travel again, but I want to go to Havana. Legally. Not on an “educational tour” either. 2021?

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