The Annual Family Christmas in New York Trip…


I’m in New York right now. It’s really, really cold. There’s no place in the world I love more than New York City, but Manhattan on a cold day isn’t really much fun. What makes it worse is that I like the outside New York things, not the museums or Broadway shows. I’m not a big interested in the Christmas Tree or any of that either. We’ll see how this trip goes.

We were locked into this trip when my parents made reservations at Becco’s in Manhattan for tonight, over a week ago. The food there is very good (as is true at maybe thousands of places in Manhattan), and will make the trip worth it, but yeah, I wish we had a little more freedom on the date. We do this trip as a family every year, i’m not totally sure why, but it usually turns out to be fun.

New York City is the greatest city in the world. It’s the cultural and financial capitol of the United States, if not the world. It has the greatest skyline in the United States, if not the world. It’s my favorite place to take pictures. It has iconic parks, ballparks, arenas, observatories on skyscrapers, food, and other landmarks. I love the subway. Terminal 5 is probably my favorite concert venue, but my Dad used to play CBGB’s. I’m not a huge fan of “touristing” New York, but i’m a huge, huge fan of just going and hanging out in coffee shops and bars there. Even so, any day in New York City becomes a good day just  by being there, and a great day by eating there. If I get down to Washington Square, call it a win. If I get to St. Patrick’s, consider it a religious experience. If I get to Strawberry Fields, call me content.

So yeah, I’m cold right now. Really, really stupid cold. Don’t cry for me though- unless I’m in a museum or a show right now. Then realize right now that I’d rather be sitting in a bar or coffee shop.

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