2018… What Will Be.


Predictions for the New Year:

  • The Dodgers will beat the Red Sox in the World Series.
  • Democrats will win the U.S. House back, provided they are not pushed too far by their base. Their majority will not be huge, but they will win a similar number of seats to their 2006 victories.
  • North Korea will attempt to mess with the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, causing international outcry. The games will ultimately happen though.
  • The Patriots will win the Super Bowl, beating New Orleans. No one outside of New England will like it.
  • The British Parliament will be forced into early elections that will end Theresa May’s Prime Minister term, giving power to Jeremy Corbyn, who will stop Brexit, leading to political turmoil and chaos for years to come.
  • The Warriors will defeat the Cavaliers for the NBA title. Neither team will face a competitive playoff series.
  • The Senate Democrats will net two seats and take a 51-49 majority in the chamber, putting an end to President Trump’s push to pack the courts.
  • Chaos in Venezuela will become a much larger story.
  • Vladimir Putin will win a sham election with over 60% of the vote.
  • Lindsey Vonn will strike Gold in Pyeongchang.
  • There will be a Presidential funeral in 2018. Donald Trump will make a circus of himself.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu will be indicted.
  • The U.S. stock market will slow.
  • Young protesters in Iran will be one of the biggest stories of 2018.
  • Robert Mueller will issue more indictments, some hitting the White House directly, but he will not issue his final report during 2018.
  • Donald Trump will not be impeached, nor will he resign in 2018. He also won’t be indicted. The only chance that he will resign is if he does so after the elections, facing a Democratic Congress.
  • The Nashville Predators will win the Stanley Cup, defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning.
  • Joe Biden will announce a Presidential run for 2020 in December.
  • Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, New Mexico, and Nevada will elect Democratic Governors to replace their Republican ones.
  • The U.S. Deficit will rise faster than expected.
  • The situation in Syria will actually begin to improve, because the U.S. will allow Assad to stay in power.
  • Taylor Swift will win a Grammy. So will the Foo Fighters.
  • The JFK files will be released, and while we won’t find a smoking gun in them, there will be something really weird that drives conspiracy theories.
  • Omarosa’s tell-all will compete with Barack Obama’s memoir for best selling political book of 2018.
  • The Phillies will finish second in the NL East. Carson Wentz will miss nearly half of 2018 while healing, but will return to lead the Eagles to the playoffs. The Sixers will make the playoffs. The Flyers will, well, keep playing.
  • You’ll hear a lot more of the name Tom Steyer. He’ll run for President, announcing this year.

I’m out of predictions. The time is your’s.

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