The Highlights of 2017


My most important moments of 2017, in my life, in no particular order:

  1. I made it to a personal record 42 MLB and MiLB baseball games in 2017. I went to games in Philadelphia, Allentown, Pittsburgh, both New York Stadiums, and Washington along the way.
  2. My sister graduated from Temple University with a degree in communications, and then entered Temple Law.
  3. We lost a couple of family members this year. My great-uncle Charlie, and my mom’s cousin Janet both died this year. Both will be missed.
  4. I officiated my first wedding for my friends Dana and Mike Graziano. I’m not going to lie, I love public speaking, but was very nervous for that.
  5. My twitter account blew up this year. I gained over 8,500 followers in 2017. I need to thank Sally Albright for helping me get my message out, and Bernie-twitter for attacking me and giving me a larger platform. The more people are seeing my stuff, the more strength the message has. Thanks folks!
  6. My friends Bob and Andrea got married at Lafayette College during the Summer. My friends Frank and Jess celebrated their wedding in DC the day before Easter. I was thrilled to attend both.
  7. All of my candidates I worked for this year won. I managed Phillips Armstrong to a victory in Lehigh County for Executive, worked Northeast Pennsylvania for Ellen Ceisler’s victorious run for Commonwealth Court in both the primary and general elections, advised on Lamont McClure’s winning campaign for Northampton County Executive, worked GOTV for Jeanne McNeill’s successful special election campaign for a PA State House Seat, and did some work for successful county council candidates in Northampton County and judicial candidates.
  8. I went to the Sixers home opener against the Celtics. It didn’t go as hoped, but it was the first step on the road to being an NBA powerhouse.
  9. I got to attend Barack Obama’s farewell address in Chicago. I love any excuse to go to Chicago, but that night was extraordinary. No sooner than the speech ended though, the sadness of what was ahead set in.
  10. The family did a vacation trip, dogs and all, to visit my uncle in Creedmoor, NC. I love it down there, you don’t need to give me an excuse to stop in. My cousin Griffin turned 21, but his brother Ben broke his collarbone.
  11. My sister and cousins Evan and Brad did a mini-vacation in DC. We hit the sites and the Smithsonians. The highlight to me was the Capitol Tour though, and the huge gathering of friends we had in DuPont. The lowlight was a psychotic woman yelling at the manager next to us at Ben’s Chili Bowl.
  12. The Eagles won the NFC East. Something good happened in Philly sports.
  13. My fraternity, Omicron Gamma Omega (OGO) celebrated our 95th anniversary in the spring. I’m proud of my affiliation and the people I’ve had the privilege to meet from that.
  14. I saw my Lehigh Valley Ironpigs (Phillies AAA) win a playoff game. It was their only win, but I saw it.
  15. I attended my friend and client Maureen Madden’s swearing-in to the Pennsylvania House on January 4th. We have a beautiful capitol, and I’m proud of her work.

That’s that. I’m sure I missed lots of stuff, but this jumped out. On to 2018!

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