A Wonderful Day to Celebrate

Last year was one of the most successful years I’ve had working in politics. The fun part about winning elections is that you don’t get to really start seeing the fruits of your labor until January and the New Year come. For me, that day was today, as I attended the swearing-in of brand new Lehigh County Executive Phillips Armstrong and Northampton County Executive Lamont McClure, and the new Northampton County Council.

I’ve written why Phil and why Lamont will both be very good at these jobs. I have the highest confidence in both. The new council people we elected in Northampton County are wonderful, smart, and very different people in their backgrounds, which I think will be a huge benefit to the county, over time. In Harrisburg, another person I did work for, Jeanne McNeill took office as a new State Representative, replacing her late husband after a special election, and I have complete faith that she will carry forward his work, and build on his great legacy. I’m not just happy because I got people elected last year- I’m happy because the people I helped to office are quality people. These are quality people representing my local community in the Lehigh Valley, people who I literally believe are best suited to represent my friends, family, and neighbors.

No one gets into politics just for something to do. This year marks sixteen (16!) years I’ve been doing campaigns. As time passes, your reasons for being involved may expand, but ultimately you get in because you want to see certain outcomes. These new local elected officials will face great challenges in the year(s) ahead. Both counties could face grave issues related to Medicaid cuts, dollars that are often used to pay for their seniors to receive nursing home care. Our state leaders will grapple with the challenge of funding our public schools. We need major infrastructure improvements. We need to protect our open space, and be more eco-friendly in our use of natural resources. The challenges are steep, but I support these people because I trust them to address the great issues facing us. It’s why I do what I do. I thank them for their service.

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