How This Has to End


The New Year has started off with a bang, or at least a lot of loud noises from the White House. Tweets threatening nuclear war. Book excerpts suggesting the President can’t read well, is losing his mind, and didn’t even want to win in the first place. Overt talk of Ivanka Trump being President some day. And of course, my personal favorite, the right-wing war on Steve Bannon- I’m having trouble figuring out who to root for. Every hour it seems like the New York Times and Washington Post are breaking new stories about the status of the Trump-Russia investigation, and what Robert Mueller knows or doesn’t know. I wonder if Donald Trump wishes he had stayed in South Florida on a longer vacation.

I am starting to feel for the many smart, capable Republicans I’ve known in my life. They’ve clearly made a mistake in nominating, let alone voting for this man to be the President of the United States. Say whatever you will about Barack Obama, George W. Bush, or Bill Clinton, at no point was their sanity and mental capacity questioned. At no point was there a reason to defend their family meeting with Russian agents. At no point did someone write a book talking about how upset they were when they won an election. My Republican friends voted for a lazy, entitled, stupid, and angry man, one who’s conduct on Twitter and beyond, makes them look bad to the world. What’s worse is, I believe many of them feel as though they’d do it again- because they just could not ever vote for Hillary Clinton to be President. They felt trapped into this mess.

There’s no good outcome for how this ends, but there’s only one acceptable one- complete humiliation. Never again can a figure like Trump be considered a viable option for the White House. Never again can being an ignoramus be considered a positive attribute for a President. That can’t happen if this President, and his hardcore 32%, are let down lightly. The best outcome is crushing electoral defeat in 2020, but that may not be the way this has to go down. Whether it’s impeachment, handcuffs, resignation, or electoral defeat, the bottom line is that Donald Trump must be discredited and humiliated for history- or we’ll see this happen again.

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