Legalize It.


Jeff Sessions is going after marijuana legalization. Why? Despite all the evidence that marijuana is *not* a gateway drug, despite the fact that most of the violent crime connected to marijuana is a byproduct of the prohibition on it, despite the fact that states legalizing marijuana are seeing huge budgetary benefits and economic growth, Sessions is still living in 1985. He still wants to lead a “Just Say No” style war on drugs. The war on drugs has failed.

Let’s be clear here, this is little more than a power grab. In the wake of the tax scam that Trump signed into law, “blue states” were increasingly looking at marijuana legislation as a way to increase relief for their citizens. The goal here is to starve those states, and in the process strengthen the police state that Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump swear by. The goal is to hurt the economies, starve the treasuries, and hurt the job creation. They figure that if they can do that, they will force the “blue states” to adopt “red state” style budgets, and essentially starve government to death, from “sea to shining sea.” It’s transparent, but it is also in line with their past regressive statements.

Marijuana legalization simply makes sense. The tax revenue continues to exceed expectations, and close budget deficits. The lack of criminal cases resulting from non-violent marijuana saves the system money. Marijuana can be very helpful for health issues. The marijuana industry is creating jobs. The lack of convictions leaves many less people as ex-convicts, which helps their outcomes in everything from the workplace to health. There aren’t a bunch of people getting DUI’s for being high. There are literally no cases of “overdosing” on marijuana. This is really an easy call.

So, of course the Trump Administration gets it wrong.

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