Rejoice New Jersey- Your Nightmare is Over


Today is the day- Chris Christie leaves office. The Governor leaves office with the lowest approval ratings on record, thanks to Bridgegate, his failed run for President, his trip to a closed beach during a government shutdown, and people generally souring on his poor demeanor. Most of New Jersey is quite happy to see him leave. Just 5% say they will miss him.

I never liked Christie, but clearly some people did. He was elected in 2009 over Jon Corzine, then re-elected in a blowout over Barbara Buono. What’d they see? The blunt talk, the brashness, the willingness to fight, I guess. The man was never more than a blowhard that was willing to talk, a man who liked to hear his own voice. Right to the end, he ran ads on the opioid epidemic, a cause worth fighting, but made sure he was talking in them. At least he never lacked confidence.

Fortunately, New Jersey gets someone with some empathy and intelligence to replace the arrogant and brash Christie. Today, Phil Murphy, the former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, will become New Jersey’s Governor, while Sheila Oliver will become the Lt. Governor of the Garden State. Together they bring competency, decency, and a plan to the state. They’re going to work on the state’s infrastructure, and getting things like the NYC transit tunnel done. They’ll fight for public education. They’re going to act to combat climate change. They’ll seek to make New Jersey a more fair and just place for everyone. Thank goodness they’re arriving.

As for Christie- he can’t be gone soon enough.

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