Fear the Chaos


Donald Trump is an embarrassing President. He says racist, sexist things regularly. He enacts regressive policies. He insults foreign allies. He leaves key jobs vacant. His West Wing is a revolving door. I can’t think of much good to say, other than that his ineptitude has prevented him from melting down the American economy or starting a new war.

As bad as that all is though, all of those matters ultimately can and should be viewed through your personal opinion. How you feel about his Stormy Daniels affair is up to you. What should terrify everyone, beyond any partisan argument, is Donald Trump’s impulsive behavior. His erratic process for making decisions is terrifying.

Donald Trump is a man-child. He is instituting tariffs on foreign steel, over objections from his National Economic Council Chair, Congressional leadership, the Pentagon, and big business. He decided to start a trade war all of a sudden, because he was mad at his Chief-of-Staff, and apparently upset his son-in-law was under attack in the press. This is not mature policy making. This is not how any White House works. This random act of chaos tanked the stock market for days. That may be the best part of this. Wait until foreign markets retaliate.

A lot of Democrats want to attack Trump for being a bad guy. They want to attack him for disagreeing on policy. These things are minor by comparison. The Republic has survived inept and bad Presidents. We have not survived impulsive man-children. What happens when he’s mad at a foreign enemy or rival- will he start a war? Will he cause a global military crisis? Could this happen just because someone says something not nice about his daughter?

Fear the chaos. It’s what could kill us.

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