The Problem With Donald’s Storm Clouds…

I don’t particularly care that Donald Trump had an affair with a porn star, or a Playboy playmate. I’m fully convinced he’s an adulterer, but I don’t care. It’s not because I approve of it, I don’t. It’s because it’s not my business. Melania can deal with his infidelity as she wishes. Donald Trump is my President, not my spouse.

Some of Trump’s defenders want to bring up Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and even JFK in an attempt to accuse Democrats of hypocrisy for attacking Trump for his affair (which he and they also deny) with Stormy Daniels. They’re engaging in a false narrative to defend him. The problem with Trump is not the infidelity. Just as I defend Bill Clinton’s right to be a dog, I’ll defend Trump’s. Their wives can deal with that. I have three chief issues with Trump.

  1. Campaign finance violations
  2. Threats, bullying, and coercion tactics to keep his “other women” silent
  3. His putting himself at risk for blackmail

Let’s put aside the morality arguments for a moment and talk about the real issues. John Edwards didn’t go to jail for cheating on his dying wife, he went for essentially paying off his mistress for silence during the campaign. They gave her a job. He had others make payments to her. He went to jail for that. Donald Trump had Michael Cohen pay Stormy Daniels a sum of money for silence. That sum of money exceeded the maximum donation to a campaign. This end-around to buy her silence and evade FEC reporting is illegal, just as it was for Edwards.

Stormy Daniels is accusing associates of Trump and Michael Cohen of threatening her into silence. Other accusers of his have made similar allegations. These types of tactics are illegal. They are also immoral. They put these women in compromising situations, from which they are essentially forced into his will. This is not okay.

One of the most troubling aspects of this is actually the risk to the President himself. There have been persistent rumors that the Russians have blackmail material over him (the “pee” tape, shady loans, prostitutes), which is why he won’t attack Putin or Russia by name. It appears that Michael Avenatti, Stormy’s lawyer, has some sort of DVD, or at least claims to. Presidents have immense power over public policy, but they are people. The threat of humiliation can cause them to do things not in the interest of the public. If there are pictures or videos here, it calls into question Trump’s ability to govern in ways we haven’t seen since JFK allegedly slept with an East German spy.

I don’t really care that 70 plus year old, out of shape Donald Trump is still chasing porn stars and playmates. It doesn’t matter. Clearly though, Stormy Daniels accusations do call his fitness to serve into question, and should alarm all Americans.

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