No, Don’t Boo Gabe Kapler

Yes, I get it- Phillies fans are unhappy with the team’s start. You’re mad at Gabe Kapler- why does he make so many moves? You’re still mad that he pulled Aaron Nola opening day. You’re confused why the team carried so many relievers North.

Let me remind you of something- the team lost one game where they were shut out, and one game where they surrendered 15 runs. I’ve got bad news for you- that’s the players, not the manager. You can’t manage your way through all of your pitchers being bad at once, or your line-up putting up three hits against Matt Harvey, maybe the worst starting pitcher in the league last year. Bad players make any manager look bad.

I’m not arguing that Kapler did a great job managing. I’m not arguing losing a series to the garbage-lite Braves is okay. It’s not okay for your pitchers to get lit up by the Swansons, Tuckers, and Flaherty’s of the world. That’s not the point of this post at all.

The point is that today is the Phillies fifth game of 162. This team will be fine, or at least should be. The season is long. Kapler has not been proven brilliant or stupid, yet. He may be a dunce. Perhaps his active managerial style, playing match-ups, and using his whole roster will work out.

So save the booing on Thursday, Phillies fans. Remember how Doug Peterson was an idiot after not using Blount for any carries in the week two loss to the Chiefs? Me neither.

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