Dear Kanye- I’ll defend Your Right to Independent Thought in a Minute, But…

Kanye West likes him some Donald Trump. He says he doesn’t agree with “everything” about him, but he loves him. He likes him some Candace Owens too, the online conservative theorist. If you read Kanye, he loves everybody. He loves Hillary Clinton, too. He loves the world. He loves free-thinkers. He loves individuality. He loves people who challenge the norm.

Some people really don’t like that. Let me just say that I actually do. I obviously disagree with him on Donald Trump, a person I consider to be a bum. I like that Kanye speaks his mind though, and I don’t like that it seems to be angering some on the left. “Thought policing” is bad for society. Shouting down opposing viewpoints, even disgusting ones, is bad for free society though. We on the left need to stop that. Having a society with one viewpoint on anything is bad.

So, let’s practice what we preach a bit, shall we? Kanye West is one of the greatest artistic minds of his time, he’s a true legend of hip-hop, both as a rapper and producer. His older music is better than his newer stuff though. He never passed Jay-Z to become the greatest rapper on his label. He and his wife’s treatment of Taylor Swift has been disgusting at virtually every point in his career. His political thoughts and opinions were much better in his early career. His association with Donald Trump, particularly his visit with him during the transition, stains perceptions of his commitment to a better world for many of us. Eminem’s verse in “Forever” made me forget Kanye was on the track.

Hey, free thought, right? Now I’m going to go listen to “All Falls Down,” k? Thanks.

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