The Hypocrisy of Political Activists on Negative Campaigning

We’re inside of two weeks from an election here in Pennsylvania, and there are primary fights breaking out for Congress all over the place. I know you’ll find this shocking- but there is negative campaigning going on. This is as predictable as the sun rising.

Everybody says they hate negative campaigning- at least when it’s done against their candidate. Everybody hates when their candidate gets hit. When it’s their opponent? That’s fair game. That’s their record. We’re all good with that. When you’re calling the opponent a crook, a racist, a Republican, that’s just fine and dandy truth. Just don’t hit my candidate, right?

If you’re cool with shadow money when it’s convenient, anonymous Facebooks and Tumblers against the opponent, and attack mail when it’s helpful, please spare me the speech about negative campaigning. We all do it, because it works. Spare me your hypocrisy, I’m not sympathetic.

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