Your Congress Sucks Because You Believe the BS From Outside Money

A week from today is the Pennsylvania Primary, and here in the Lehigh Valley that’s clear to anyone who has ever voted. Glossy mailers, television ads, robo calls- you’re getting it all. The crazy thing is, most of it isn’t from the candidates.

There has been well north of half-a-million dollars spent here in the past two weeks by outside groups. The leading three Democrats have probably only raised a total of around $750,000 to this date. They may be outspent by outside money.

Just about every Democrat and liberal in the country says they oppose money in politics, especially “dark” money. When push comes to shove though, we all seem to be okay with it, when the money supports them. Why? The money usually has an impact. Principles take a back seat to winning, for most.

Just take a minute to consider what you are doing though- selling your representation in Congress. You’re selling your seat to people who have never stepped foot in your district, and don’t care about your people. Perhaps the most troubling thing, if you’re accepting this in order to win is that you probably won’t- these outside liberal and conservative interest groups are largely out of touch with general election voters in swing districts. This isn’t helpful on any level.

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