A San Francisco Billionaire Knows What’s Best for Easton?

I don’t know Tom Steyer. Tom Steyer doesn’t know me. I don’t plan on spending money on deciding who is Tom Steyer’s Congressman, I’ve never been to San Francisco. Tom is spending on who my Congressman in Easton is though. I’m not sure he could find the 7th Congressional District on a map, much less any of the specific towns (unless his large staff helps him). I’m certain he knows and cares very little about what the people here would think though- he’s never stepped foot here in his life.

Tom Steyer is spending here in the 7th District because he wants a more liberal nominee than the front-runner. The front-runner has the largest lead against the Republican candidates, he’s the only candidate with a double digit lead, in a district that Hillary Clinton won by 1% or so. Basically Tom Steyer would like to make a lay-up election into a competitive one. He thinks this because he thinks he knows best- better than the people who live in the district over 3,000 miles away, people he is showing he knows nothing about. Forget the local elected officials and unions who disagree with his views, based on their experience, Tom Steyer knows best. After all, he’s never been here.

Tom is a rich guy with personal ambitions. He runs his NextGen organization nationally, basically targeting climate change and youth voter engagement- both very noble causes. He has decided to launch “Need to Impeach” commercials this year though, to push the Democratic Party to pledge to impeach Donald Trump- something not politically beneficial to Democratic Congressional candidates in swing districts or red states, but very beneficial to a potential Presidential candidate. As he collects online sign-ups and data from passionate supporters around the country who he can target later in a campaign, Democrats in tough races are confronted with a question most of them would rather ignore, if possible, until at least the point where Robert Mueller issues a report implicating Donald Trump of wrong-doing, or Trump obstructs him by firing him. Steyer can’t let this play out to it’s rightful ending though, because that costs him his opening to garner attention and valuable data. That’s more important than a majority to him.

Tom Steyer doesn’t give a rat’s behind about the Democratic Party, winning a majority, or the people you’d see down on Northampton Street in Easton on any sunny afternoon. Tom Steyer cares about his out-of-touch national agenda and himself. He’ll spend his money to advance himself, and nothing more. Steyer was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, attending the same private Buckley School in New York City that hosted Roosevelts, Rockefellers, and a young Donald Trump. He wouldn’t be capable of conversing with the good people of Easton. His rich guy, hedge fund values wouldn’t mesh well with the working class people here.

I’ll tell you what though- any time he wants to actually come here instead of spending his money here, I’ll show him the folks.

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