Moving Forward in PA-7

I’m obviously disappointed by the results of the Pennsylvania Primary in the 7th Congressional District. Aside from just managing John Morganelli, I count him as a friend. We have our political differences, but I was hoping for the best for him. It didn’t work out.

Susan Wild is now the Democratic nominee. I have my fears about her chances this Fall and my worries about her candidacy. This is obvious by the fact that I didn’t support her in the primary. Nevertheless, she has an impressive career and managed to win the primary. For three main reasons, I am telling my readers in the district to back her.

  1. Donald Trump is dangerous, and we need a Congress that will stand up to him. Look, I could sit here and tell you why she doesn’t excite me and why I don’t want to unify now, but that’s my privilege talking- I’m not Donald’s target as a white, straight, Christian, suburban male. Sue Wild ran in this primary as a progressive. She will vote for Nancy Pelosi or whoever else the Democrats put forward for Speaker. That vote will allow the House to pull the Trump agenda to a screeching halt, at least. Whatever issues I have with Sue Wild, I need to tell you that a vote for her is a vote against Donald Trump’s agenda.
  2. Voting for her is in line with the values I’ve been preaching for years, and it’s in line with the people I’ve supported in the past. I’ve spent most of my adult life working to elect women and minorities to higher offices, because I believe in diversity, and I believed in the people. It’s why I worked for Hillary Clinton twice in her quest for the Presidency. It’s why I went to work to elect the first African-American Congresswoman in New Jersey’s history, Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman. It’s why I went to Iowa to work for the only Bosnian-American woman to ever be elected to a state legislature. It’s why, closer to home here, I worked for State Reps. Jeanne McNeill and Maureen Madden, Judges Ellen Ceisler and Maria McLaughlin, Congressman Dwight Evans, and Senators Menendez and Booker. Putting aside the personal and the petty, the arc of my work suggests my politics are close with Sue’s. Electing her does fit with my commitment to diversity, and with my values.
  3. It’s party over candidate, in the end. Charlie Dent was a good and decent man. He still voted with the Republican leadership of the U.S. House about 85% of the time in his career. Unless I’m rooting for another round of tax cuts for millionaires, I have to want the Democrats to win.

Elections come to an end and you move on. I obviously wanted a different result. The primary voters have spoken though, and I’m prepared to move on and hope for the best. While I have personal concerns and doubts about Sue, supporting her opponent on personal grounds would be a violation of what I have spent my whole career doing. In a partisan battle for control of Congress, it is important that Democrats elect a Democrat.

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