You Read Me, Now Get to Know Me

I spend so much time on here writing about the theoretical that you could be forgiven if you don’t know much about me. I spend a lot of time giving my point of view on the world, but less giving you a point of reference on me. So let me try to do that today, by giving you some facts about myself. Here they are:

  • Sign- I’m a Taurus, born May 11th. I fit all the descriptions of a Taurus pretty well, and I think Bulls are cool.
  • First Concert- The Rolling Stones “Voodoo Lounge” tour at Giants Stadium. The Counting Crows were the warm-up, fresh off of their “August and Everything After” tour, and I was more excited about them- until I saw the Stones.
  • Favorite non-Phillies baseball player- All-time, I’d say Tom Glavine. During his first Cy Young season, I was yelling to him for a ball while he ran wind sprints on the warning track for his off day. He said he’d come over at the end, which of course I didn’t believe. Sure enough, he did, and he signed that ball for me. I’ve been a fan ever since.
  • Height- 6’1″. I can get on all the amusement rides.
  • First Political Campaign- The 2002 Pennsylvania Democratic Party coordinated for Ed Rendell for Governor and Ed O’Brien for PA-15. I had mono through most of the internship, but it was still amazing. I got to meet Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi. It was cool at the time.
  • Rank the Top Three Skylines in America- In order, it’s New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia.
  • Where Were You Born- Warren Hospital in Phillipsburg, NJ. It’s as blue collar as it gets.
  • Favorite Presidents (top 3, ordered)- Dwight Eisenhower, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama. What Eisenhower did for the country, on issues like creating the interstate highway system, really beginning desegregation, ending the Korean War, and the early space race work, was all amazing. Clinton and Obama are the best Presidents of my life, and so I’m a huge fan.
  • How Many Varsity Letters Did You Win at Easton?- Seven. Four in outdoor track, two in cross-country, and one in indoor track.
  • How Did You Spend Your 16th Birthday?- In Wilkes-Barre at the Red Hot Chili Peppers/Foo Fighters concert.
  • Why Aren’t You a Big FDR fan?- The guy did nothing on Civil Rights. Yes, he did great work getting us through the war and out of the Depression, but I can’t forgive that. His politics were essentially a competent version of Donald Trump’s, which deserves credit for competency and it’s successes, but still ignored the marginalized.
  • What Did You Expect to do When You First Got to Moravian?- Get a Political Science/History double major and then go to law school. I’m glad life pulled me in other directions.
  • Would You Put Jimmy Rollins in the HOF?- Yes. I know, the advanced metrics people say no, but I’m not one of them. The baseball Hall-of-Fame is a museum to commemorate baseball as we saw it. Players are entertainers. You can’t write the 2005-2012 era of baseball without talking about Jimmy. He won Gold Gloves, made All-Star teams, had 20-20 seasons, won an MVP, became a post-season fixture, and won a World Series. If Jimmy played in New York, we’d put him in. He’s the all-time hits leader for one of the oldest franchises in sports. Unfortunately, the saber metrics crowd is increasingly dominating the conversation.
  • Favorite Rap Beef?- I’ll go with Jay Z and Nas over Biggie and Pac, because they lived. Nas best up Jay pretty bad for a lot of the beef, but “Super Ugly” ended the discussion of who won, for me.
  • What’s the Top Political Issue Facing the Lehigh Valley?- Infrastructure. US-22 is too congested. We need SEPTA rail to Philly, and rail to New York. I’d like to see more bus service too.
  • What’s Your Feeling on Immigration?- My great-grandmother died when I was nine, and she was one of my closest relatives to me as a child. She came over to Ellis Island just before xenophobia stopped the influx of immigrants in the 1920’s. She came here for a better life, and thank God she did. I try to remember that in shaping my views today. I’m for DACA for the DREAMers, and support a pathway to citizenship for most undocumented immigrants here currently. I don’t support protecting felons and other serious criminals who are here illegally though. If you’re violating our laws while here illegally, I don’t think you should receive legal status.
  • How Did You Spend Your 21st Birthday?- I went into the old Drinky Drinkerson’s on the circle in Easton and had a couple of beers from a couple of bartender girls I went to high school with.
  • Twitter Handle?- @therichwilkins
  • Nationalities?- Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, German, Italian, and British. I definitely need a DNA test.
  • Position on Abortion?- I’m pro-choice. Completely pro-choice, like repeal the Hyde Amendment level. This isn’t a question of morals, it’s a question of public policy. America is better off letting women control their own bodies. If you want to personally live pro-life, do it, but why should everyone else have to as well? That’s not the government’s place to say.
  • Favorite Kind of Food?- Italian food, especially pasta. Throw some seafood on it and I’m in heaven.
  • All-time High Bench Press?- 310
  • Years With Phillies Season Tickets?- We’ve has our 17 game plan since 1991, making this year 28.
  • Most Offensive Trump Policy?- This is too hard. I could say pulling out of Paris, separating parents from their children at the border, or any number of things. I’ll say the Muslim Ban though.
  • Fastest All-Time Mile?- 4:52
  • Instagram Handle?- @therichwilkins
  • Weight Wrestled in High School?- 171, mostly. Some 160.
  • Favorite Political Boss?- Chris Dodd. He was actually really fun to get to know, and he’s one of the most consequential Senators of our time.
  • Favorite Kennedy?- RFK. Not even close.
  • Favorite 2008 Phillies Player? Ryan Howard. Watching him hit moon shots never got old.
  • Snapchat Handle?- @rtwilkins
  • Scariest Moment?- Definitely the 2001 anthrax scare at the Capitol. Not only did another student get sick after we were exposed, but I met Rick Santorum that day. In all seriousness though, I wondered if I was going to die.
  • What 1990’s Rock Star Would You Want to Be?- Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. You know that dude had a fun life.
  • Favorite Aerosmith Album?- Get A Grip. It’s a masterpiece, and they wrote a lot of it in rehab. That made it take on special significance to me.
  • Most Important Political Issue For You?- Climate Change. We only have one Earth to live on, and we’re destroying it. It will effect us in every facet of life, for the worse, if we don’t fix it.
  • Favorite City- New York.
  • Favorite Day of the Year?- Thanksgiving in Easton has no peer.
  • How Did You Spend Your 25th Birthday?- At a Mets bar in Woodbridge, with a couple of girls and a DJ. I believe he was on Jersey Shore, or something. It was… something.
  • Political Issue You’d Like to Solve?- Progressive tax reform. I’d like to make the tax code work for working people.
  • Religion?- I was raised Byzantine Catholic. I still consider myself a believer and Catholic, but I haven’t been going much anymore.
  • Favorite non-President Politician?- Al Gore gets edged out by RFK for me.
  • Favorite Place in Iowa?- Waterloo/Cedar Falls. It’s twice been my temporary “home.” There are great people there.
  • How Did You Spend Your 30th Birthday?- I went out to dinner in Manhattan with the family, then came home and drank all night at the College Hill Tavern in Easton.
  • Have You Been in Any Weddings?- I was just officially in my first on May 12th, my buddy Pfen’s. I officiated my friend Dana’s and sort of did for my friends Drew and Kelsey as well.
  • Play Any Instruments?- I still hop on my drums sometime. I used to play the bass guitar too.
  • Favorite Basketball Player/Sixer?- Allen Iverson. It’s not even close either.
  • Favorite Season?- The Fall. I like it when the heat starts to go away.
  • Greatest Sporting Event You Attended?- Game three, 2008 World Series. Chooch’s 60 foot walk-off fielder’s choice grounder.
  • How Did You Spend Your 35th Birthday- At Pfen’s rehearsal dinner. It was the best.
  • Facebook Link-

I hope that illuminates me a bit more for you. I’ll do another of these soon.

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