Dear Eagles- Your Fans are With You

Let me start by stating something controversial- I would probably go. If you’re incredibly lucky in life, you’ll get to be a professional athlete. If you are truly blessed, you might win a championship in pro sports. The invitation to the White House to teams who win major sports championships has become a tradition, even an honor. That’s our house, the President lives in it. These athletes earned that moment to bask in the glow of our country. They may never get it again. So I’d go, even with a bad President.

I understand why the Eagles are not though. For many of them, the causes they are protesting are incredibly important and personal. It is their God-given right to speak out and use their First Amendment Rights. This is what our country is about. Even the very President of the United States must honor that right. The Eagles players who chose not to go were right in exercising their rights. President Donald Trump was wrong to disinvite them. Period. Full-stop.

The White House says the Eagles “disagree with the President” and “abandoned their fans.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Fox News showed clips of Eagles players praying to their God to attempt to smear them with the NFL’s controversy about players kneeling during the National Anthem. In fact, no Philadelphia Eagle player kneeled during the National Anthem during their Super Bowl season. The efforts to smear the Eagles players are all about optics and politics, without even taking into account the personal behavior and belief of any of the players. It’s disgusting.

We know that Donald Trump stands with Super Bowl runner-up Tom Brady, who skipped visiting the Obama White House with his team, so none of this should be a great shock. The Eagles players should know a few things, from at least this fan who was down there in the sea of green on JFK Boulevard for parade day:

  1. We Eagles fans support our team.
  2. You’re right to exercise your rights as Americans.
  3. Fly.Eagles.Fly. Super Bowl Champs.

No one likes us, we don’t care.

One thought on “Dear Eagles- Your Fans are With You

  1. I really hope Muller shows up at 1600 with a pair of cuffs and 30 of his closest armed agents… but at this point, I’ll settle for a straight jacket and an ambulance.


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