Where Am I?

At least if we’re watching the end of the “Superpower America” era of the world, we’re being entertained. As if the site of Donald Trump as the American President wasn’t laughable enough, we actually saw him shaking hands with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un in a globally watched summit. The whole thing looked ridiculous. Donald Trump insulted France and Canada, then met with a miniature dictator who starved his people and has “work camps” (concentration camps) for political opponents.

But the winner of the Singapore Summit was Dennis Rodman, or at least PotCoin.com. Rodman showed up in Singapore, to much fanfare, and managed to get on CNN for a prime time interview with Chris Cuomo. Wearing his PotCoin shirt through the whole trip, Rodman rambled his way through the interview, acknowledging Kim’s shortfalls, while still calling him his friend. Rodman started crying at one point, and continuously saying he hoped for success. He said he really believes in the North Korean people, which seems to be better than their government does at times. All the while, the crypto currency that wants to be the main currency of the marijuana industry was there on the screen for all to see. It was entertaining.

There are major problems with an American President meeting with a North Korean Dictator without pre-conditions, which of course is lost on the knuckle-dragging Trump backers, but I don’t think we should damn the whole thing. I have real fears about Donald Trump negotiating anything, let alone a deal with North Korea, but we should hope for the best. A nuclear, isolated, poor North Korea is not helpful to anyone. We should not disarm and withdraw from Asia altogether, just in the hopes of North Korea behaving better- that cedes our power and influence to China and leaves our allies vulnerable. But a deal that gets even some weapons out of North Korea in exchange for economic help for their people would be a good thing.

Let’s hope this circus ends well.

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