I Love Being Asked, “What Do You Do???”

I chose an interesting path in life, one I may exit off of in the future, but one I still enjoy for now. I don’t have a 9-5 schedule, I move around a lot, and security is not a part of my vocabulary. On the other hand, I had a Barack Obama dot com email, worked for Hillary Clinton twice, for five U.S. Senators, a Bosnian War Refugee, the first African-American Congresswoman in New Jersey history, and worked for a couple of state Democratic parties, to name some things on my resume. I’ve been around the block a bit.

I’ve gone on the record in interviews with reporters from some of the nation’s biggest news outlets, and had bonfires in Cedar Falls, Iowa with local party leaders. I’ve run 15 counties for Presidential candidates and gone to State Senators summer picnics, where I ate some wonderful potato salad. I’ve worked for PCCC endorsed candidates, and moderate to conservative Democrats who had no support from local activists. I’ve worked out of union halls and a candidate’s living room. I’ve worked for a Muslim candidate, Jewish candidates, and a preacher’s wife. I’ve lived several months in an Extended Stay Inn on the Waterloo-Cedar Falls border, and in a beachside gated community in the Outer Banks. It’s fair to say I’ve done it all.

So what do I do? Fundraising, on-the-record communications, targeting, field management, petition drives, and of course, campaign management and senior advising. If you’re not political, that means nothing to you. If you’ve followed my life over the last month, you’d be correct in assuming I’ve mostly stayed out of the political realm. I’ve done lots of baseball games, urban hiked out onto the Brooklyn Bridge, and spent some time with my non-political folks. There is a certain sting to losing an election, and it makes you step back and think a bit. I didn’t rush in and push for any specific next job, though I poked at some. I took my time to survey the future. The plan I had, to go to Capitol Hill, was somewhat busted by the results in PA-7 on May 15th’s primary. On the other hand, new opportunities have arisen from the ash left behind. I think our politics are as disgusting and insane as they have been at any time in my life, and as liberal guy I have felt isolated, but I have decided to re-focus and press on. I still enjoy politics too much to go away.

So what is the future? What are my goals? I’ve made a few, some short term and some long term. I’ve found in the past that having goals can leave you disappointed when the plan doesn’t work out, but it also gives you direction, and forces you to make a plan. May I be so fortunate as to formulate a new plan (side note: I’ll probably never share the plan on here, like I am the goals, so you’ll have to ask for that.).

So here we go:

  • I want to work the 2020 Presidential race, both the primaries and the general election. Given my immense antipathy towards the President, let me unequivocally say I’m doing this for Democrats.
  • I want to go work for the next Democratic President, in the Administration. Official side, where the work is for the people. Ideally, this is 2021. This does mean I have one more DC stint in me.
  • Don’t mistake that for meaning I’m abandoning home. I would like to serve in some non-elected capacities, on some boards and commissions. Given my relationship to both County Executives in the Lehigh Valley, I hope to be appointed to some boards and commissions. Home will always be home, and I hope to make life better there.
  • I’d like to add a degree or two to my resume. I’m taking recommendations on an MPA vs. MPP/what school/masters vs. JD.
  • I’d like to make money. I’d like to buy a house. I’d like to have a family. I say these things, first and foremost, because they were never goals of mine. Second, I think this part gets understated. Campaigns are jobs. They’re hard jobs. They take up an extraordinary portion of your life. If this isn’t a part of your plan, you should say so- for the sake of other people. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do well, or wanting some stability. I want both, though that was never the thought process before.
  • I’d like to represent my community in Harrisburg, or maybe even Washington, someday. Consider this not short time. Or be the Mayor of Easton- someday.
  • I’d like to do a foreign election. No strong preference. Maybe the UK? Idk.
  • I’ll go back out and do 2018. And maybe even Capitol Hill, if I must. We’ll see.

I think that’s as clear cut of future plans, and as broad of them as I get. I could quite obviously call an audible on the behalf of any of them, as I get the potential change factor. Even so, my life is in re-think mode, and I’m open to whatever.

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