Nothing Beats the Ocean

So I took a few days away and went down to Dewey Beach last week. While I typically can’t stand heat, two of my favorite places are the beach and the ballpark, both Summer staples. The time by the ocean refreshed me.

I felt pretty burned out after the primary in May and just needed a breather. It felt like I went from Hillary in North Carolina right into working in New Jersey, then into running last year’s elections in the Lehigh Valley, and then onto the Congressional races, with absolutely no break. That’s not entirely true, but it’s pretty close. I’m trying to make sure I recover now, because another long run lies ahead.

A few days of laying in the sun, eating raw bar and crab soup, and watching the dolphins swim real close to the shore helped all that. It was my first time visiting Dewey Beach, Delaware, and it seemed nice. The small beach town is a getaway for Philadelphia, Baltimore, and DC, which makes it a bit unique. The beach was nice and clean, the food good, and the liquor was cold. I definitely will be back.

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