Bethlehem, My Thinking Town

Everyone has their place they go to think. It’s a place of comfort, a place to decompress your thoughts, a place where you can make sense of everything in life. For me, that place is a whole city- Bethlehem, PA. I “grew up” in Bethlehem, which is to say that I went to college here. I’m at peace when I’m back on campus at Moravian. I’m at peace when I go up to Lookout Mountain. Lately though, I’ve been doing most of my work over coffee in South Side Bethlehem. There’s a couple of really good spots, and I can mostly be left to myself there.

I’ve had so many important moments in Bethlehem, some fun and some not. The annual Musikfest (which begins Saturday) is one of my favorite weeks of the whole year. Main Street is a great place to eat or have a drink. I would not mind eventually living in Bethlehem.

I’m in Bethlehem right now having a coffee. Rest assured I’m thinking over some major decisions.

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