#LockThemUp- the True Criminals

If we now want to be honest, we can say the 2016 Election was a complete and total joke. It was covered as the complete inverse of reality, the person who more people voted for lost, there was rampant cheating and lying, and a foreign government was allowed to interfere in our elections, without any repercussions. There is no way to properly quantify just how unfair the 2016 Election was to Hillary Clinton properly, but we can safely now say that an unqualified person, who employed underhanded tactics and people, took the job of a more qualified, prepared woman- full stop.

Let us be clear- Hillary Clinton has never been charged in conjunction with any of the partisan investigations the Republicans trumped up against her. I didn’t say not convicted, that’s not even in the conversation, because she was never charged. She was not charged with any crime from her email server, Benghazi, Whitewater, or any other crazy conspiracy theory the American right-wing made up in the last 25 years. All she did was serve the public and try to solve problems for a quarter century, while Trey Gowdy, Lindsey Graham, Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump, and yes, James Comey drug her name through the mud, literally for no reason. I don’t think she was the greatest candidate, or possessed a magnetic personality, or hired the best people to run her campaigns, but I am damn proud to have worked for Hillary twice, and I don’t think she ever embarrassed any of us.

You can’t say the same for her detractors though. Donald Trump raised the spectacle of Hillary going to prison or being on trial, but now his campaign chair, his deputy, his former national security advisor, and his personal lawyer are prison bound. Michael Flynn lead the “lock her up” chants, but his next sentencing hearing is September 17th. Michael Cohen joked of Hillary Clinton going to prison on Twitter, and plead guilty to eight counts in federal court yesterday. Paul Manafort lead the campaign against Clinton, and he’s jail bound on eight counts too. All of these people are criminals. All betrayed America.

But we heard months of squawking about Hillary’s emails, of which no crime was committed. We heard several years of Benghazi. The press treated the accusations of thugs and criminals as a legitimate story. Even now they put Rudy Giuliani on TV, despite the fact he says “facts are not facts.” They attend Sarah Huckabee Sander’s press briefings, even when we’ve seen her willingness to lie and obstruct on camera. The coverage of the 2016 Election, the obsession with “her damn emails,” was clearly a joke- and it has continued.

What we now also know, in addition to the fact of Russian cheating in our election, is that Trump’s campaign violated campaign laws to hide damaging information. Trump had Cohen pay money to two women that Trump had affairs with, specifically to silence them in the closing days. Cohen paid the money, taking a loan, and the money exceeded the maximum limits for a contribution to a federal candidate. The campaign did not report the payments as expenditures. Trump commanded Cohen to make the payments for him, to avoid detection. All of these are campaign finance violations. The act of silencing the women may have influenced voters, by not giving voice to more negative stories about Trump. Like the Russian interference issue, we don’t know exactly how much the cheating impacted the election- but it probably exceeds the margins in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Even the primary season needs to be re-visited. Tad Devine testified in the Manafort trial as his business partner, because he knew of Manafort’s financial secrets. Devine had the same connections with the Kremlin from their work together in the Ukraine. Devine’s 2016 client, Bernie Sanders, made the same accusations that Hillary was corrupt and worked for the elite. With all we now know about that message, and Devine’s connection to Manafort, it’s time we question what we heard then, too.

The criminal enterprise that was the Trump campaign got less votes in 2016 than Hillary Clinton. Criminals that accused Hillary Clinton of crimes are now going to jail. The press treated illegitimate characters and their stories with more fairness than they did Clinton.

Now it’s time to lock these criminals all up. It’s in the best interests of the country.

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