The Pressing Phillies Questions, Re-Visited

A few weeks ago, I wrote of the “most pressing questions facing the Phillies” for the remainder of this season. With the team playing badly, and with Seranthony Dominguez letting them down in what should have been an easy win last night, I feel like it’s at least time to update the answers to the questions I had.

Number one, I wrote:

Is Seranthony the closer moving forward? My answer is no. He’s a guy with high velocity, sure, so he’s probably a major league reliever. His command hasn’t been impressive though, and the movement on his ball has diminished as the Summer went. I think he was lightning in a bottle, not our Kenley Jansen.

I’m more sure of this than when I wrote it. I’m not ready to DFA Seranthony, but it’s clear the league has figured him out. He’s not ready for this role.

Number two, I wrote:

What’s Odubel’s future in Philadelphia? It’s not looking great. His stat line usually comes out good, he’s shown impressive power this year, and he does make some amazing plays in center. He’s super streaky though, and sometimes really stinks. He makes bonehead mistakes. He’s a liability when he’s off. With the Phillies needing to open up a spot if they sign Bryce Harper this Winter, Odubel’s second half is making him expendable.

I’m pretty much sticking by this, too. Odubel is a really likable, fun player. He’s also been terrible since the beginning of June. You can’t be that streaky.

Number three, I wrote:

What’s Roman Quinn’s future? As bad as Odubel has been, he’s opened the door for Roman Quinn to get a chance. I see Quinn limited to being a fourth outfielder at this point, as he gets hurt too much. He should get to play right now though, as long as he keeps hitting.

I’m sticking with Quinn as a fourth outfielder. He’s played well, but he broke a toe and is limited right now. I like Quinn, but my opinion isn’t moved.

Fourth, I wrote:

Should Carlos Santana start over Bour? Right now? No. Bour is hitting better, right now. We need to win games, right now. You deal with the contracts in the Winter. For now, give me Bour.

For the moment, I have to admit some error here. Bour got hurt right after I wrote this, and after his return, the Phillies have been able to get him at-bats by sticking Santana at third. Santana has been hot as well. The future at first base is murky though, not unlike what it was from 2012-2016, where a big contract controlled baseball decisions.

Fifth, I wrote:

Can Jerad Eickhoff save the Phillies? This is a sleeper story on the horizon. Eickhoff was so good in 2015 and 2016 that many fans saw him as a cornerstone. Then in 2017 the Phillies seemingly tried to pitch him through pain/nerve damage, and messed him up bad. Now he’s rehabbing back towards the majors, just as several starting pitchers are hitting career inning highs, and several relievers look cooked. They very much need Eickhoff to be right.

This was unfair of me to write. I got right that the Phillies starters were getting tired- Eflin particularly stinks right now. Eickhoff save the team after missing most of two years with injuries that the team seemingly mishandled? Best case is he gets in some work and is ready for 2019. Gabe’s not even starting him.

Sixth, I wrote:

Is the back end of the Phillies rotation cooked? Eflin, Pivetta, and Vince are looking really inconsistent lately. Could they be out of gas? It sure looks it. The Phillies need some reinforcements.

I think I nailed this, mostly. Eflin is done, and shouldn’t be sent out there to fail anymore. Pivetta has been very unlucky this season, and should finish the season out to help continue his maturation process. Vince has actually made a good impression on me this season, but isn’t going to save us right now.

Seventh, I said:

Why does Scott Kingery still start games? No, for real, why? He’s terrible offensively. He’s not a good shortstop. We sent Crawford down after he came off the DL, but Crawford at least can man the spot defensively. Cabrera should be playing shortstop every single game remaining, and if it weren’t for his contract, Kingery belongs in AAA. I don’t think his whole career will stink, but the Phillies rushed Kingery up early. He’s not someone who should be playing in a 2018 pennant race.

Ok, imagine this- I’m re-thinking my position on Kingery. I don’t see what the Phillies do. I don’t think it works out. They get paid to be right though. Since I think the Phillies are toast, play him somewhere- like second base. I have been a Cesar Hernandez fan, and I still think he’s better than Kingery, but his second half has left me wanting more. Let’s see Kingery play there too.

Eighth, I wrote:

Can the Phillies win games when Rhys Hoskins isn’t hot? It seems no. Rhys is having a really good season, and I’m a fan, but he’s been a bit streaky this season. When he’s in a funk, or even is just normal, the Phillies struggle. They’ve put a lot on a first year player this year.

Let’s rephrase this- can they win at all? He homered in every weekend game to reach 30, and the Mets won twice. Rhys is a really good hitter that played out of position this year, and I get why, but he’s not going to carry this bucket of slop offense to the playoffs on his own. The Phillies need to commit to him, but they need to add too.

Ninth, I wrote:

Will Nick Williams be back in 2019? I think this comes down to Williams and Odubel trying to hang on. Right now, I’d pick Williams. If we sign Harper, I think Odubel would lose his job, even though he’s the best center fielder in the group.

You know what, I have no idea here. I like a lot about Williams, but I’d like his glove more in left, and his bat in the lower part of the order. Is he back? I don’t know.

Tenth, and finally:

What’s with Gabe’s line-up card? Not starting Bour and Cabrera against de Grom is a sin. Making sure he gets Kingery at-bats is a sin. Throwing Seranthony out to close is a sin. Gabe has to do better, this team can win right now.

I’m actually more positive than not about Gabe Kapler. Really. But, I got this right.

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