New Yorkers- the Best Voters.

I like to talk about how smart New Yorkers are, but last night they proved it. Cynthia Nixon is completely unqualified to be Governor of New York. Her lack of experience, her tendency to back whatever the furthest left position is, without critical thought, and running her campaign on the issue of subways was all pretty appalling. I’m also not a fan of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, so their candidate losing is helpful. I’m really happy that New Yorkers not only backed Governor Cuomo to a comfortable nomination win, but also re-nominated Lt. Governor Hochul and Tish James for Attorney General. Competency beat pure ideology.

I’m also glad that New Yorkers rectified the mess that is their State Senate, and shook up the Albany establishment a bit. Seven incumbent Democratic State Senators lost their primaries. Six of the eight members of the former “Independent Democratic Caucus” (IDC) lost, and the other two nearly did. While there have been more Democrats elected to the State Senate than Republicans for eight years, these eight members have refused to caucus with the Democrats, handing control over to the GOP. The result has been a giant blue state in New York being essentially at the mercy of upstate conservatism. Last night, New York Democrats made them pay for it. Even IDC Leader Jeff Klein is out this morning.

New York voters channeled their inner anger with a government that doesn’t represent them last night. Rather than a wholesale vote to penalize everybody, they went after those who can and should be competently replaced. Most change electorates can’t focus that way. New Yorkers did it perfectly.

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