Happy three weeks out! It’s Tuesday, October 16th, 2018, or 21 days out from the mid-term election. After all that has happened in the last two years, we’re almost at the point of judgment. The question is simple: will the midterm be about Donald Trump, or something more? Will voters reward Democrats, or penalize everyone?

We’ll find out in three weeks.


The NBA is back! As a Sixers fan, I’m very excited for 2018-19. I’m calling a Warriors three-peat, with a sweep of the Celtics by an average of 25 ppg in the finals. I’ve got the Sixers at 56 wins, third in the conference. LeBron’s Lakers will lose in the second round after barely advancing.


There’s a few things in Charlotte that I want to see, if possible, that I haven’t seen yet. What are they, you ask?

  • NASCAR Hall-of-Fame
  • Billy Graham Library
  • Hornets game
  • Panthers Game

We’ll see how I do.


There’s a dangerous national narrative unfolding that suggests the Tennessee Senate race is “over.” Absolutely no internal polling, nor a basic review of spending on the race suggests it’s over, but that narrative has run wild since the NYTimes live poll gave Marsha Blackburn a double digit lead. If the narrative is being pushed by Republicans, shame on reporters for pushing it. If it’s anyone else, that’s weird. And maybe telling.


Democrats need to update the way we organize. I’m not saying we get it all wrong now, but we need to meet our voters where they are. If you want to turn out younger voters, and other non-traditional types of voters, we need to move away from a phone-based organizing strategy to a text and digital one. This may make it harder to judge organizer productivity, but it’s worth it.

The other thing we have to do is re-shuffle what voters we think are “swing.” Our turnout universe is important, and needs work, but those voters are not who swung against us between 2010 and 2016. Who did? Our traditional Democrats. Older, consistent voters that voted Democratic in the past are who swung against us. Most of them are white. Most of them are fairly traditional. Unless we’re going get our newer voters to spread out across America, we need to invest more in persuasion.


As per above, today’s candidate of the day is former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen. If you want any hope of Democrats taking back the Senate, Bredesen has to win his race. While we may all want to believe we’re going to win Arizona and Texas, those are tough races. Nevada is also turning out to be very tough. There are several potential incumbent losses out there too. Bredesen is well liked and is an experienced candidate. Democrats need him to win. Donate here to help him. Volunteer here.

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