Nineteen days until the election. We’re in the teens now.

I write this post from Killington’s in Huntersville, NC. I just ordered a dozen wings and a beer. It was a long day, as I went to Raleigh last night and came back today on a supplies swap. It was a long day, but a rewarding one. You start to see the end of the tunnel out on the road when people are voting and packets are coming out. This cycle is almost over.


You know what I never want to hear about again? Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. It was an affair. He should not have been asked about it under oath. He should not have been impeached. He should not resigned over it- and any Senator from New York who says otherwise won’t be getting my vote in 2020. This was Hillary’s business to handle, and her’s alone.


You know what would be horrible? A Red Sox-Dodgers World Series? Also, this Thursday Night Football game. The Arizona Cardinals don’t even look like they’re trying.


Is Mitch McConnell trying to lose the midterms? What Senate Majority Leader discusses cutting Social Security three weeks before the midterms? How about one poised to gain seats. The battlegrounds remain in red states, where being a Democrat still *seems* to be disqualifying. Right now I’d project the GOP to pick up one-three seats.


Tonight’s candidate of the night is NJ-5’s Josh Gottheimer. The freshman moderate from North Jersey was a bright spot in the hellscape that was 2016. He took out do-nothing Congressman Garrett in one of New Jersey’s most conservative areas.

Gottheimer winning could be important to a Democratic Majority. Donate to him here. Volunteer here.

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