We’re down to 18 days. The days are kind of cooling down and getting shorter. It’s feeling like Fall, which is good, because I hate the heat.

Democratic coordinated campaigns around the country are doing their first “dry runs” for GOTV this weekend. This is a massive weekend of canvassing, with thousands and thousands of shifts to hit all the doors. With many states already voting, it should come as no shock that this is important. It also shouldn’t be shocking that today, my life is chaotic.

More coming below…


Today’s candidate to support is Tom Malinowski in Congressional district NJ-7. An alum of the Obama Administration, Tom is running in one of New Jersey’s most flippable seats. Hillary carried it in 2016, as the highly educated district revolted against the new age GOP.

Tom’s opponent is Leonard Lance, a “moderate” Republican who has defied his reputation by voting with Donald Trump. A former leader in the State Senate before moving on to Congress, Lance is well funded though. You can donate to help Tom beat him here. You can volunteer here.


I’ll spend most of tomorrow stuck in my “boiler room” taking reports. How do people survive these things? I usually do by working on other stuff or watching TV. I’m not even sure what college football games are on tomorrow though, so what can I watch?


I’m feeling a bit bullish about this election, at least on the House side. I believe the Democrats will win 30-35 seats right now, putting them in the 225-230 seat range. On the Senate side, I’m predicting the Democrats to lose two seats right now. The most important place for Democrats to win though are state houses. I believe right now that Democrats will win about eight governorships. They need legislative chambers though. That’s where it gets done.


I’ll write more tomorrow. Long day.

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