Hey there, happy Saturday, October 20th, 2018. There are 17 days until the 2018 Election. Pictured above is the welcome sign over the South Carolina border in York County. Rock Hill is the main city in those Charlotte suburbs to the South. Next year, when the Presidential campaign begins, they will get a lot of attention.

Today’s post after the jump…


Stories from the boiler room? Well, losing power in the middle of the day is certainly an interesting one. It’s a damp, dreary day in Charlotte, and there must have been a car accident or something. This is a unique experience to say the least.


I’m going to weigh in on a major North Carolina debate- Dale Earnhardt (Sr.) vs Richard Petty. They’re arguably the best two drivers of all-time. They both drove iconic cars, symbols of the sport. And they both come from North Carolina.

I’m not going to weigh in on who’s better (I always was an Earnhardt fan), but I will say this- Dale Earnhardt was more working class, North Carolina. He drove hard, to the point that it killed him. Petty was great, but he was flashy and not that blue collar. I’m taking Dale Sr. as the NASCAR icon of North Carolina.


Today’s candidate of the day is Pennsylvania State Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski of Wilkes-Barre. I’ve worked with Eddie for a long time now, and he is truly one of the best representatives of his district that you could ever find. He’s worked hard to secure access affordable, quality health care for his constituents. He’s defended public education. He’s voted to lower property taxes and keep seniors in their homes. He’s been a steadfast defender of unions. He fits the needs of his blue collar district, and he fights hard for them. As the Democratic ranking member on Agriculture, he fights hard for sustainable farming.

Eddie’s district is in Luzerne County though, the capitol of Trump Democratic country. Trump swung the county by 42,000 votes from 2012 to 2016. In that kind of environment, Eddie has to fight to keep his seat. You can donate to help him here.


The Republicans have been in danger of losing the House virtually since day Donald Trump was elected. The question all along is what the Democrats path to victory would look like. It’s becoming clearer now.

Democrats are building their wave in suburbia, with educated white voters who are turning on Trump. Suburban Philadelphia could produce as many as six seats between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Suburban New York could produce in the neighborhood of five. Seats in suburban DC, Charlotte, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Cleveland, Las Vegas, and plenty of other major markets are in play. This election was less about our base, because we have those seats already, and mostly about new converts we made.

The other thing about the Democratic path to victory is that it clearly is requiring a heavy lift out of Pennsylvania and California. Those two states could provide a third of the seats that Democrats need to win the House.


I’m missing Moravian Homecoming. The only part of me happy about that is my liver. I love football games at Steel Field, with that old grandstand, and the South Mountain looming over the visitor side. Today’s a day I’m missing home.

Also, shout outs to Easton High School for beating Parkland last night. That was surprising.


Democrats need to ignore the Trump Administrations push to make immigration central in the closing of this election. While morally right, the Democratic position on immigration has not shown itself to be an electoral winner. Democrats need to keep talking health care and wages. Stay in the winning lane and actually win.

Just my two cents.

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