There are 15 days left until the 2018 midterm elections. The national narrative seems to be heightened interest in voting this year- potentially on both sides, which may mean blunted Democratic gains. The other part of this narrative is Trump’s rising approval. It seems that some folks are buying into a counter, Republican wave that negates much of the Democratic wave.

I think people are missing the main point here- not all enthusiasm is equal. As Nate Silver put it on Twitter, even above average Republican interest for a midterm would get crushed if Democratic interest in voting hit low-end Presidential levels, and vice-versa. This means that the question is, a.) is Democratic interest in this election truly extraordinary, and b.) does it extend beyond the base?

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I’m not that interested in this World Series. I am, but I can’t be. I didn’t pick the Red Sox or Dodgers to win. I pretty much despise both. Both fail the “Yankees test”- do I like when they beat the Yankees. If I’m happy to see the Yankees beat a team, I don’t like that team. That’s the case for both here.

For what it’s worth, Chase Utley doesn’t tip my allegiance to the Dodgers at all- he’s not playing. I also don’t think Southern California should even have sports, no one cares there. On the other hand, I can’t cheer for MassHole franchises or anything Curt Schilling likes.

Just kill me already.


This 2018 Election is not a base election for Democrats. This is not to say Democrats should totally abandon their base, it’s to say that their base can’t do much more for them. Democrats hold pretty much all the African-American based and majority-minority based seats. Democrats dominate urban areas that tend to have unmarried and non-white, Democratic voting women. Motivate your base all you want, this election is about educated, suburban white people. How they vote seems to determine this election.

The good news is that white voters appear to be separating along educational lines. The latest NBC/WSJ polling is showing a dramatic divide- college educated white men are narrowly breaking Democratic, while non-college educated white men are going Republican by 40%. College educated white women are giving Democrats a lead of over 30%, while non-college educated white women give the GOP a narrow lead.

The good news for Democrats? College educated whites are who lives in swing districts.


I feel like I missed out majorly on a life experience by not getting up to the Smokey Mountains with my family the past few days. My family and extended family were up in Plumtree, NC for a few days. I intended to go see them. Work made it impossible to go up to Grandfather Mountain.

Themes the breaks!


I love that state legislative elections are centering around the basics- education, health care, taxes, clean drinking water, and infrastructure, again. None of these national distractions. Nothing divisive, really. These issues effect us all, and reflect genuine disagreement.


Today’s candidate of the day is Dan McCready, the Democratic candidate in NC-9 for Congress. Running in a seat Republicans have held since the era of JFK, McCready is exactly the kind of candidate who could win in Southern North Carolina.

Dan’s race could be key to who controls the House. You can donate to him here. You can volunteer here.


For every revolution, there is a counter-revolution. I said this yesterday, but I applied it to modern American politics. Apply it to some other revolutions and events though for a minute. The failure of the Articles of Confederation, Shays Rebellion, and the acceptance of English Common Law were all pushback against the American Revolution. The Reformation was a counter-revolution against the revolution that made the Vatican the center of the Western World. The sexual revolution of the 1960’s directly lead to the rise of the moral majority. The Magna Carta didn’t last long after it’s revolutionary signing. Revolutions always welcome a response. While we don’t always celebrate that response, it is often times very popular.

And it can lead to some dark places.

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