Two weeks. Two weeks. This will all be over in two weeks. The ads. The mail. The coverage of the midterm- all over.

I voted yesterday. I voted straight Democratic, although I checked them individually. I must say I wasn’t really proud of my vote this year, amazingly. There were at least one or two races where I had misgivings with our candidates. With that said, the idea of voting Republican, so long as Trump leads their party, was worse. I don’t love the post-2016 Democratic Party, but I deeply dislike what the Republican Party is being lead by more.


Today’s candidate of the day is Senator Bob Menendez. There is no doubt that Senator Menendez has had a tough couple of years, but let’s not forget- he’s been cleared now. He remains a leading Democratic voice on foreign policy, on immigration, on raising wages, protecting health care, and bringing home federal dollars for New Jersey. He’s actually outstanding at doing the job of Senator.

Democrats need him to win, too. Bob Hugin is a pharma executive and Trump stooge. He made his money gauging the public for medicine. Donate here to stop him.


Has Manny Machado’s antics lowered his value in free agency? My answer is no. Would I like him to be more mature if the Phillies give him $300 million? Yes. I’d also like him to keep being an impact player like he has. Sure, I prefer signing Bryce Harper, but I always did. Frankly, I want both. Machado is a game changer.


Try not to over read early vote numbers- they obviously matter, but with many caveats. It’s a small sample size, for one. Two, we don’t know enough about the voters. If they’re Democrats or Republicans who would regularly vote, that’s no win for anyone? Possible surge voters? That’s good. New voters? Gold. Until you show me that, I can’t tell you who’s winning. All I do know is Democrats should be outright winning early vote- and that’s not clear.


Donald Trump is coming to Charlotte on Friday to do a rally for Mark Harris, the social conservative nut that thinks wives must submit to their husbands. I’m not going to watch this national disgrace, but I’m tempted to go people watch the line.


What if I win? That’s the question I keep asking myself about tonight’s lottery. If I win, then what? Would I ever work again? Would I go back to Easton? Would I even stay in America? I would buy a share of the Phillies though, for sure.

Good thing I won’t win.


Today’s Senate Projection- Republicans 52 Democrats 48


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