Auld Lang Syne, for 2019

So today was the first day of 2019, and I honestly didn’t do a lot. I got up and walked the dogs, then went back to sleep and didn’t do anything before noon. In the afternoon I went with my father to pick up my sister and my aunt at the Newark Airport- they were returning from a vacation in Miami. I went with him in part to take pictures of New York, and in part because today is his 62nd birthday. When we got home, we ate spaghetti as a family. So went day one of 365. There are 364 days left.

There are very predictable things ahead in 2019, assuming I live through the year- I’ll turn 36 in May, I’ll go to some baseball games, and I’m going to see The Rolling Stones in the Meadowlands. Other than that, a wide open year lies ahead. Of course there is. There always is on 1/1. No one feels hopeless at the start of something new.

I expect 2019 to be a chaotic year in my industry of choice, politics. I hope that my career takes me through one last Presidential campaign, and with so many candidates I should hopefully be able to find an opportunity I want. This could be the last time I do this, and it’s probably the last time I could do it out in the early states. It feels so different than it did 12 years, and yet the nostalgia makes me quite excited.

There are things besides work though. I’m not “millennial enough” to “focus on self-care,” but I guess something like that. There are things I need to do and see in life. Like step foot on foreign soil, see the American West, advance my studies, read more, and spend some time on the relationships that make up my life. I don’t want to chase elections forever. I need to think about things like my personal geography/place moving forward. I have to think about the next phase of my life, the one after 2020. And mostly, I have to just be decisive and do what I want in life.

2019 is 23 hours old, and yet I already feel like I can see my way through it. I see corn fields and campaign offices, baseball games and beers, rock concerts and legends, but I also hope I see new things in the future. Enrichment of my life. Much more than I’ve seen before.

I’m excited and feeling great- how about you?

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