The Sixers Push Their Cards In

I was watching the Sixers get pretty much worked last night by Toronto with my father, and I said the kind of thing you say when your team loses- This should convince the front office to go make a move by Thursday’s trade deadline. By 2am, the Sixers in fact made that move, in a big way. I guess they were convinced.

So last night the Sixers traded for Clippers star Tobias Harris, big man Boban Marjanovic, and bench piece Michael Scott. It’s a solid trio for the Sixers, dramatically improving the line-up, and filling some bench needs. The Sixers paid for it though. Gone are two first round picks, including a protected 2020 pick and the unprotected 2021 pick of Miami. Gone are second round picks from Detroit in 2021 and 2023. Gone is 2018 first round pick Landry Shamet, who had become an important bench piece that provided shooting. Gone is starting forward Wilson Chandler. Gone was bench rotational piece Mike Muscala, a key piece in their front court. The Sixers paid for what they got.

The Sixers now have arguably the best line-up in the East. They have the top scoring line-up in the league. They lack some bench depth, but they will try to upgrade that before the season ends, and that will matter less in the playoffs when they shorten up their rotations. This trade certainly made them stronger.

The Sixers are all in for this season. They clearly believe they can win. Obviously there is a risk to them potentially not re-signing Harris or Jimmy Butler, but that’s the risk you take when you try to win. It’s nice to see a Philly team trying to win.

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