So You Want to Drag Rep. Ilhan Omar

I’m not a big fan of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. I’m not a big fan of other more hard-line lefty freshman House members like AOC either. I don’t agree with Rep. Omar’s position on Israel. I’m unhappy with her rhetoric on Israel. In short, I’m not willing to defend her position on Israel.

I also understand a few other things. Rep. Omar represents her very blue district, not my swing district. Rep. Omar holds positions that she ran on. Rep. Omar holds positions that I won’t ever have to vote for, unless she seeks national office. Rep. Omar may be something I consider to be bad, but there are limits to her importance.

Perhaps Rep. Omar is worth rebuke. Before we get there, let’s ask ourselves a few questions. Did you defend the violence in Charlottesville by saying there were “fine people on both sides?” Did you agree with the positions of David Duke on racial issues? Have you supported thinly veiled white nationalist lingo and propaganda? Did you defend putting kids in cages because “they don’t belong here?” Defend Congressman Steve King? Refer to African and non-white nations as “shit holes?” Do you normally talk about anti-Semitic code language, such as “the global elite,” talk about how “the Jews control Hollywood,” or otherwise make light of Jewish people and their supposed ties to money? These are important questions that should tell you a lot about yourself.

If your answer to any or all of the questions I just asked is “yes,” I have a request for you- do not worry about Rep. Omar. There are many of us who never supported or said any of that, and we are perfectly equipped to deal with her beliefs and rhetoric without your help. I’m neither defending her or agreeing with her, I’m simply saying your interest in her is not the defense of Israel or the Jewish faith, but probably rather your biases against her race and religion, and Lord knows that we don’t need anymore anti-Muslim rhetoric out there. If you were fine with President Trump’s hateful rhetoric against any number of people and groups, just sit this one out and let those of us who don’t want to make Rep. Omar into the symbol of anti-Muslim propaganda figure out if her words have become too much. Honestly, just sit this one to the side and let the adults handle it.

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