The Enemy of Your Enemy is Not Your Friend

Chuck Schumer’s defense of the Netanyahu Government in Israel has consistently disappointed me. Schumer is arguably the most powerful Jewish government official in American history, and yet he has done his best to defend a leader who has openly spited his own political party, repeatedly.

If I am being honest, I do not believe Benjamin Netanyahu has been a good leader for Israel, or the United States. His leadership has set back the cause of peace. His hard-line position on the Palestinians has alienated their leadership, both in the Knesset and in the West Bank and Gaza. He has sought no ally. He didn’t seek to work with President Obama towards peace at all, and actually sought to undermine him on both policy and politically. He has embraced President Trump’s policies that make peace less and less possible. I find it disappointing that Democrats like Schumer, and even my former boss Bob Menendez, defend a failed government under Netanyahu. I find it even worse, given Netanyahu’s personal corruption.

Notice something there- I never referred to Jewish “money,” “hypnosis,” or any other nefarious scheme by the Jewish people to “buy support.” No “All About the Benjamins, Baby.” My position is that Netanyahu, Likud, and his government are all doing a bad job, and that they are mistreating the Palestinian people. I made that point without making a singular anti-Semitic statement. I used no old-line Nazi slur against Jewish people. I played into zero negative stereotypes. I made the point, no less.

I do not believe Rep. Ilhan Omar is stupid. I also don’t necessarily entirely disagree with her general argument- though I do support the existence and defense of the state of Israel as American policy. Just because we may have some general, partial agreement does not mean that I should defend her though. She is smart and accomplished. She chose her words. She chose ugly, anti-Semitic language and stereotypes to attack a whole nation and it’s people. She chose the oldest, most hateful, negative language in the book. We’ve seen where her language leads in the past.

I don’t want to stand with her disingenuous right-wing critics. We know their agenda. That does not mean I want to stand with her either. Using hate language should be beneath the Democratic Party, Congress, and the country. Stop telling me she doesn’t know better. It’s demeaning to her and her office. She’s said what she means, and we all get the point. Her attacks calling President Obama our for “getting away with murder” only underline the point that the Democratic House Caucus should stop sponsoring the microphone she’s speaking into. Just because she opposes some enemies that we oppose too does not mean that we should support her. Take her off the Foreign Affairs Committee and make a point. Yes, it’s sad- you want her to succeed as an inspiring person that came here as a refugee and won higher office. That ship has sailed now. Make it clear you don’t support her words.

The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.

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