And now they count.

It’s been 82 games, and if you were wondering, the Sixers won 51 games, just off of last year’s pace. They’re in the same place as last year too, third, and facing an opponent in round one capable of beating them, but not capable of winning a title. It feels rather predictable, not far off of what I would have thought.

Here we are again. The Sixers will take on a Brooklyn Nets team that had some regular season success against them. They are a team that runs a good pick n’ roll offense, which the Sixers struggle with. Like last year, Joel Embiid’s health is in question going into the first round. This year the team comes in experienced instead of not, but playing kind of lackluster instead of hot. Their super talented starting five have played only 10 of 28 possible games together, leading to concerns as well. I’m certain a number of national writers will pick the Nets, as they did with the Heat.

I think they’re going to be wrong though. While I think the Nets will play competitive ball, the Sixers should beat them in five or six games. In fact, if I’m being honest, I think the only series in the East that I’m not sure about is a battle with Toronto in the second round. I think they *can* beat Boston with home court this time, and I think they would eventually wear down Milwaukee over seven games. I do worry a bit about Brett Brown making sure Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris have significant roles against anyone in the post-season, and the Sixers did struggle against the other top three seeds. Most of those struggles were before Harris, and even Butler, arrived.

The Sixers have the best starting lineup in the East. They have steam that can score enough to threaten Golden State. They also could losethis series in six. I’m betting against that though. I’m calling Sixers in six. I actually think a somewhat longer series will be good for them too.

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