Earth Day- Our Beautiful Earth

Today is Earth Day. It’s worth noting that while climate change is the most clear and present danger, there are plenty of other issues facing us:

  • A potential mass extinction in the oceans.
  • A Brazilian government open to cutting down the rain forests.
  • Poaching continuing to endanger many species around the planet.
  • Major issues with plastic killing marine life.
  • Pollution causing many diseases, including asthma.

The battle for our planet is not just about climate change, despite the consensus in the scientific community about it’s seriousness. There are so many other important issues facing our environment, regardless of your political stripes. These issues are having an impact on our air, water, food, and health, right now. These issues were not always political. Richard Nixon, for example, created the EPA. This is not an issue that needs to divide us.

It does though, and that is idiotic. Every great species we kill, every puff of black smoke we breathe, every piece of plastic in our ocean, every drop of dirty water we drink, it all has an effect on us. This isn’t about being a tree hugger, or hating business, or anything else- it’s about loving the beautiful planet we have. It’s about fishing in your favorite stream, hiking your favorite trail, and taking pictures of your favorite wild animal- we’re all in this together. Your planet is the only one you have, and with basic regulation, the only one you need. Protecting our planet is not a left-right issue, but a rare good-bad one that reveals a lot about us- like it or not.

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