Phreakout City

If you want to have some fun, put on sports talk radio in Philadelphia. It doesn’t matter what’s going on, the sky is falling down. Literally falling down. They currently have a baseball team full of sluggers in first place, one of the elite football teams in the entire NFL, a basketball team anchored by two young All-Stars, and the hockey team just hired a highly accomplished coaching staff and general manager. Nope, they all suck.

The first place Philadelphia Phillies are on pace to win 92 games, despite the fact their two biggest names (Bryce Harper and Aaron Nola) had cold starts to the season. Yes, they have a couple of weak spots in bullpen, and injuries have decimated an already mediocre bench, and sure their fifth starter hasn’t been good, but!- the Phillies are in first place. The second baseman everyone wanted to bench earlier in the year is hitting .294 going into today. See why patience helps?

Yes, I know, the Sixers are down 3-2 to the Toronto Raptors. Yes, I know Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris could leave after the season. Yes, Ben Simmons won’t shoot the basketball. Yes, Joel Embiid needs to take care of himself. Yes, J.J. Redick can’t guard anyone. Last night was an ugly game. You can doubt Brett Brown until they win a title, and sure the bench isn’t great on paper (though they’ve out played Toronto’s). With all of that negativity, if the Sixers win a must-win home game tomorrow night, they still can win this series, the Eastern Conference, and even the NBA title. Their two young superstars are 25 or under. Their #1 in attendance, so money isn’t a problem. Relax- the state of this franchise is absolutely fine.

I guess it’s just a Philly thing. The endless ink dedicated to whether or not they should sign an extension with Carson Wentz, a year after he was the best quarterback in the NFL is a first world problem, and one that won’t soon go away. Despite being one of the big power markets in all of pro sports (the biggest market with only one team in most sports), the inferiority complex runs deep for some. Sure the Phillies are in first place, but Edubray Ramos! For brief moments, like after the Phillies 2008 World Series or the Eagles 2017 Super Bowl Championship, we can be content. The rest of the time? We just hope the Cowboys and Mets continue to be more incompetent than us.

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