How I’ll Cast My Primary Ballot

Next Tuesday is primary day in Pennsylvania. While there won’t be as much on this year’s ballot as recent years past, the elections we do have will be very consequential. In fact, your vote is simply more powerful in low turnout races.

The top race on the ballot is the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. There are two open seats, and there are three candidates on the Democratic Primary ballot. My top choice is Judge Dan McCaffery. Judge McCaffery is endorsed by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and is the only candidate who received a highly qualified rating from the Pennsylvania Bar Association. As the only candidate from Philadelphia, he also provides needed regional balance to the ticket, given the other two candidates are from Allegheny County. As for the second slot, I prefer Amanda Green-Hawkins. I believe her demonstrated progressive values will serve her well on the bench. Her securing of the endorsement of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party also shows a political acumen that is needed.

The other major race on the ballot is the race for Northampton County District Attorney. I believe both people running are competent and have good ideas. I think both are qualified to do the job. Due to my previous involvement in the race, I’ll leave my comments on the race here. I’ll cast my ballot for Terry Houck.

The rest of the ballot is basically non-competitive. There are no other state court races this year, and there are no other competitive Northampton County races. The lack of competitive races may very well harm turnout. This is why it is more imperative than usual for you to get out to vote.

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