Football 🏈 Predictions

Football season is here. Today, college football opens up and my high school alma mater plays their debut. It’s time to do the seasonal predictions for my teams’ seasons, from the pros down.

Philadelphia Eagles

13-3, NFC East 1st, NFC Home Field.

Are the Eagles the best team in football? I’m not prepared to go there. They’re really good though, and they have a really good schedule for them. They play just one road game against a 2018 playoff team (Dallas). If you want to say Atlanta and Minnesota could be hard road games, or that Lambeau is a tough place, fine, but are the Eagles really losing all four of those games? Doubtful they’d even lose three. They get to play Chicago, New England, Seattle, and of course, Dallas all in Philly. When you look at their schedule, they get to start as heavy favorites right now in eight games. They got a good schedule, on paper. Can they deliver?

Carson Wentz had a full off-season as the QB1 for the second time in his career. The other time was 2017, when he was second team All-Pro, and they won the Super Bowl. The additions in the backfield, the decision to add depth to the offensive line through the draft, and the decision to bring back DJax should make this offense scary. The defense has to stay healthier than last year, but that’s the biggest road block I see ahead. Big things are coming.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

9-3, New Year’s Day Bowl

Ian Book could be even better than he was last year. Second year starters tend to do that. There’s an argument that teams who make the CFP tend to improve from the experience. Notre Dame is really talented, and a playoff game better for last year’s undefeated regular season experience.

The problem is that everything went right last season. Stanford, Virginia Tech, and USC were all down. Georgia wasn’t on the schedule, let alone a road game. Michigan is there, this season. Even games like Louisville, Virginia, and Boston College aren’t gimmes. Only New Mexico, Bowling Green, Duke, and Navy are games they’re clear favorites.

Even so, I do think Notre Dame is a top ten team, so I’m splitting the difference between believing they go 11-1, or that it’s a disaster season. 9-3 it is.

Penn State Nittany Lions

10-2, New Year’s Day Bowl.

I almost went 11-1, Big Ten Champions. Why not? A first year starter, red shirt sophomore quarterback. With brutally difficult road games at Iowa, Michigan State, and Ohio State, and difficult home games with Michigan and would-be-rivals Pittsburgh and Rutgers, it’s a lot to predict Penn State to make the playoffs- but the talent and returning starters are there. If James Franklin is going to break out and win a second Big Ten Title, these next two seasons are good opportunities.

Temple Owls

6-6, Bowl Eligible.

My gut puts this team at 8-4. The coaching carousel worries me though. I feel good about them having some experience at quarterback, and being home against Maryland, Georgia Tech, and UCF. I just don’t like the feeling that they lack stability. So I went under my gut instinct.

Moravian Greyhounds

7-3, post-season eligible.

Hound ’em! An experienced quarterback helps. So does getting some local kids in. I like the Hounds to post a winning 2019.

Easton Red Rovers

12-2, EPC Champions.

When the strength of a high school football team, or really any football team, is described as their offensive line, I am happy. This team is going to be pretty good.

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