What. A. Year. The year 2019 will close in just under 9 hours back home in Easton. It was a year of ups and downs personally, one that saw me begin with a trip to New York City to take pictures, but I’ll end in Omaha, Nebraska (and accordingly, an hour later than most of you). I had car issues, money issues, and probably every other kind of issue one can personally have, but I survived. I hated 2019, but it’s over now.

Lots of things happened in 2019. Bryce Harper came to the Phillies, but his teammates weren’t good enough in 2019, as the team stumbled to 81-81. Donald Trump got impeached. The Eagles won the division, while Dallas folded the tent. I went with my family to see the Stones at MetLife Stadium. Our team helped get Judge McCaffery elected to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. The Sixers lost in the seventh game of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. The Eagles beat the Bears and lost to the Saints in the NFL Playoffs. The 2020 Election is well underway, and in fact coming down the stretch in Iowa and New Hampshire. We lost two good friends, Bob Elliott and Bob Baxter to cancer. The year was wild. Lots happened.

I’m mostly happy 2019 is over. When the personal highlight might have been being put on Tulsi Gabbard’s hate list, you’re usually really to move on. I’m very, very ready to move on. Welcome 2020!

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