I’m going to skip most of what I was going to write about tonight and save it for tomorrow. An absolute titan of a person died tonight. Regardless of your political leanings, it’s hard to argue the place of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, or RBG. She was the second woman to ever sit on the Supreme Court. It is important to also note her Jewish heritage, particularly as she died on Rosh Hashanah. She was an absolutely brilliant jurist, and her dissents in particular will be cited for decades to come. The Columbia law grad lived a life that beat every expectation. She will be sorely missed.

There’s a lot of politics to sort through here, and rest assured Mitch McConnell already had done so when he declared tonight that Donald Trump’s third nominee “will receive a vote.” Desperate to make this election about anything but Covid, this is the shake up Moscow Mitch wanted. The Senate leader understands that the states most likely to decide the Senate, in order, are North Carolina, Montana, Iowa, and Georgia. He also knows it gives Trump something tangible to dangle out in front of the many undecideds that voted for him last time. Expect them to promise a November vote on a nominee, and expect them to deliver on it, win or lose. This is the political reality.

Here’s the other political reality- this can galvanize Democrats as well. Promising a leftist ideologue probably hurts in the swing states and Senate states. Making the case that McConnell’s hypocrisy and Trump’s ineptitude and criminalesque behavior should not be rewarded will reach people though. Making the case that a Trump appointee will literally make life and death decisions for refugees, women, the LGBTQ community, and literally anyone else living in this country, is all we can do. Do you want Joe Biden or Donald Trump deciding the future of the country? That’s the question we have to put in front of the country. This election is about that. After the last four years, that should be clear. And if it’s not, if people don’t see the difference? That should be telling. If you’re a Democrat, and you’re afraid right now, or really anybody afraid, may I offer you a solution?

See you tomorrow.


RIP Justice Ginsburg.

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