Broken record alert. The polls are stable. Joe Biden leads on 538 by 6.6%. He leads by 5.8% on RCP, largely driven by Rasmussen’s outlying poll. That’s 4.8% better than Hillary at this point. The swing states are in fact closer, but that’s why they’re swing states. Trump leads in none of them. One of the amazing things though is that people still maintain the polls were wrong last time, so they are this time. First off, the polls were within 1% in 2016, which is margin of error, this time a 1% error wouldn’t save Trump. Second off, the polls this time are far more stable than 2016. The race is what it is, right now.

So apparently some folks think we need to do more on-the-ground campaigning. Let’s put a pin in this for a bit. Let’s see how things play out. I’m not sure this is a field election.

For what it’s worth, Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley-Dillon doesn’t think knocking doors is the key to this race. Just remember this.

Nothing else tonight. Talk tomorrow.

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