I didn’t get last night’s post off in time, so you’re getting two.

A cursory look at national polling on FiveThirtyEight tells the story– a bunch of 8-10 point Biden leads were the weekend. A clear, resounding lead, that is remarkably steady. His average ticked up to 6.8%, which is solid, and would be higher without an outlier poll or two last week. RCP shows Biden up 6.5% on their average, a full 5% better than Hillary at this same point. Things are steady, but the swing state polls still show a fairly close race that probably is competitive still. Biden basically leads the swing states, but not by as big of leads as he has nationally.

More ink has been spilled than should have been over the “Northampton County is predictive of Pennsylvania” storyline. Even so, here’s an article to read about. My theory remains that my home county is very important, but is only one of several (Northampton, Lehigh, Monroe, Lackawanna, Carbon, and Luzerne) where Hillary lost the 2016 Election by so badly underperforming Barack Obama. If Joe Biden can improve on her performance in most of these places, he’ll win. For what it’s worth, Northampton County has gone blue since 2016 for County Executive, Congresswoman, Governor, Senator, and State Supreme and Superior Court. Of course, this is a very different kind of race.

By the way, it’s a weird Fall when the Eagles stink and Penn State hasn’t existed yet. I guess that’s better for work product though.

That’s enough for today, part I. I’ll have 43 later.

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