I forgot to post this yesterday. Here…

You know what I’m going to say, right? The polls are steady. Just ask 538. Seriously. Ask RCP. Seriously. Joe Biden’s national lead is 7% again, and I have news, he won’t lose the electoral college up 7%. Or 5%. Or hell, probably not even 3%. Hillary’s popular vote win was 2.1%. She only needed 75k votes in three states. Joe’s in position to get it easily.

With the polling in the states, things are tilting towards a blowout. A tie in Iowa. A tie in Ohio. And yet Pennsylvania and Florida remain inconsistent in the size of Biden’s lead. Trump never leads either, but the depths of his futility aren’t clear. Some Pennsylvania polls show him as close as 2%, more put him 5-7% back though. In Florida, he occasionally holds tiny leads, but more often he’s between a tie and as far as 5% back. The state polls obviously have more room for error, but things aren’t totally clear yet. Pennsylvania could be over already, or still in play.

To help us win Pennsylvania, join supporters on Saturday to lit drop in Allentown. We can win. Put in the work.

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