Again, pushed into the next day. You get two posts today.

Tonight we’ll start a little different. Back in the primaries, Joe Biden didn’t get the New York Times endorsement, which went to Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar instead. Instead, he got the endorsement of the elevator operator and security guard, Jacquelyn. It went viral, he won the nomination, and she ended up nominating him at the convention. Tonight she joined my out-of-area phone bank to pump up the volunteers. It went great. If you’re looking for a pundit that actually is in touch, she’s it.

Good, but not the usual polling news. In Congressional district NJ-2, Joe Biden and Amy Kennedy lead the traditionally red South Jersey burbs. Over in the downstate Illinois 13th district, Biden leads and the Democratic challenger is down 1%. Just the latest signs of a blowout.

For Biden leading every poll today by 8-12%, you wouldn’t think it talking to some folks. Stop the bed wetting. We’re ready to do the winning, put in the work.

More later today…

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