Big mad.

This post is late…

Broken record: Biden still leads. According to 538, the lead is 7.2%. RCP has the lead at 6.7% for Biden. That lead is 4.1% better than Hillary’s at this point. While it’s closer, Biden leads all the swing states.

Biden’s ads are just better than Clinton’s. Instead of attacking Trump’s vulgarity and personal failings, Biden continues to hammer him on the economy, social security, Covid, and keeping people safe. For that matter, Priorities USA Action is also hammering on that script. I think Biden and allies should stay on this messaging. It works.

My favorite down ballot race to watch so far has been the NJ-2 race between Kennedy and Van Drew. Her ads have hit him hard. My least favorite race is basically locked in as the Massachusetts Senate race. After promising the Green New Deal and Medicare for All, let’s see if Senator Markey even gets either a vote.

Back at it later to get caught up…

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