So the dust has settled on last night’s first debate, and the “all important” spin. That debate had little to no educational value for undecided voters. It was barely even a debate. Sure, Donald’s supporters will say he was “strong,” but literally nobody outside of his corner now will agree with that. In short, it was a shitshow.

It’s hard to judge Joe Biden last night, but it looks like a win. He spoke to the television audience directly, his opponent did not reach beyond his base, and Biden refuted him point for point. Now, Trump did often talk over him, and calling him a clown probably bothered some people, but I doubt he lost anybody with that. When he confronted Trump over calling service members “suckers and losers,” he had a powerful moment. When Trump tried to belittle his educational background, Biden got the better of him. He created a headline moment calling him our worst President in history. He managed to assert himself as not being AOC or Bernie. It might not have seemed perfect to folks who wanted a more combative tone (the left), or who equate loud with strong (the right), but those votes are spoken for. He reached who he needed.

Trump… where to even begin? He was awful. He talked over everyone, he lied, he refused to answer questions he didn’t like. My assumption is his 41-44% of the country liked it. Did anyone else like it? Unlikely. He didn’t make the case very well to people who aren’t sold on him. He didn’t show a different side. He didn’t put forward policies. He didn’t tell us why the negative articles about him are wrong. He just talked and talked. And lied. And was generally a clown.

That debate didn’t change many, if any minds. My guess it’s a 7% race still, like it was yesterday.

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